I AM Photographer team is getting ready for the 7th International Photo Contest event. I AM Photographer Festival is held in Tallinn, Estonia, from 6th to 10th April 2016. Festival is tying together the wedding and portraitphoto contests as a whole. It is an international festival and photographers from all over the world are welcome to take part.

The first and second day of the festival is planned for workshops. The number of workshop tickets is limited.

The final evaluation of the works (through direct evaluation system as always) takes place on the third day of the festival. Up to 300 best works from each category make it to the final evaluation. There is free entrance only for the photographers who take part in the contest, they can see who made it to the final evaluation for the first time and get feedback about their works from a very prestige international jury.

On the 4th festival day, a photo conference is held, where known photographers from different countries perform. In the Saturday evening, there is a the award ceremony of the contest for the participants of the contest only.

Contest participation fee is 60 EUR, it is including:

1. Possibility to send in three works on contest. Pictures may be for different categories: wedding and portrait. NB! Picture printing fee is not included, you must pay attention that wedding and portrait category pictures must be printed.
2. Access to live voting rooms (wedding, portrait) to hear the comments of jury and see the pictures.
3. Access to Grand Award Ceremony.

There are no limits to how many photos can be presented to the  contest. Each presented photo after the third photo costs 15 euros (plus the cost of printing in the wedding and portrait category).

We advise you to book the festival days in your calendar, look through your portfolio for the contest, add additional information in your iamphotographer.eu environment and do necessary changes so that your personal information for the public would be as you want it to show. We advise you to present your works to the contest and gain your ticket as soon as possible because there are limited amount of tickets available. Important data in your account are your first name and surname, portrait photo, introduction of you and the name of your employer. The organiser has the right to annul the accounts where false information has been presented and remove them from the contest. In that case, the fee paid for the works presented to the contest is non-refundable.

Your account is visible in the best.iamphotographer.eu environment. Before renewing your account, we advise you to visit best.iamphotographer.eu environment and check how your account is shown to the public and then do the necessary changes. Quite a few future clients may find you from that page.

We advise the people who are interested in the festival to follow our news letters in which we announce all the necessary information regarding the festival.