I AM Photographer is organizing photography contest I AM Photographer Wedding and Portrait Photograph 2017.

The period for submitting photos to the contest is 1st February to 19th February 2017. The competing entries need to be uploaded on the web page by 19th February 2017 the latest. Delayed entries shall not be accepted to the contest.

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Anna Roström

At the moment I´m trying to be a out-of-this-world-wedding-photographer while side stepping enormous piles of laundry and raising a tiny human. I think you get it.

I was born in Sweden.
I moved to Pakistan (long story).
I now live in Stockholm.
I have a hunky husband, a hyperactive life, and a neurotic reindeer at my backyard.
I travel everywhere for love (and for champagne).
I think that my time is going to the bathroom without my kid.
I love my bathroom, and my kid, in different ways.
I used to hunt criminals but now I hunt natural light.
I am actually not a small pig, surprise!
I am just a photographer with a strange nickname.