1.1. The period for submitting photos to the contest is 1st February to 19th February 2017. The competing entries need to be uploaded on the web page by 19th February 2017 the latest. Delayed entries shall not be accepted to the contest.

1.2. Contest fee should be paid by 20th February 2017 the latest. 


2.1. Categories

2.1.1. Wedding photo

1. Photo of the couple – photo of the bride and the groom
2. Photo of the bride or the groom – only a bride or a groom on the photo
3. Reportage photo - reportage of the wedding
4. Wedding detail – a detail from the wedding

2.1.2. Portrait photo

1. Children
2. Persons/Individuals
3. Groups
4. Glamour/Boudoir
5. Reportage photo - not from a wedding
6. Infant/Baby/Newborn
7. Environmental portrait (The subject can be any living being)

2.2. Awards

2.2.1. The main prize in the wedding photo division, I AM Photographer Pro Shop Gift Card with a value 3000 (three thousand) Euros, shall be given concerning all wedding photo categories. The winner shall be awarded with the title Best Wedding Photograph 2017.

2.2.2. Main prize in the portrait photo division, I AM Photographer Pro Shop Gift Card with a value 3000 (three thousand) Euros shall be given concerning all portrait photo categories. The winner shall be awarded with the title Best Portrait Photograph 2017.

2.2.3. Three best entries of each category shall be honorably mentioned.



3.1. Contest participation fee is 60 euros which includes:

3.1.1. Submission of three entries to the contest. Photos can be presented to different categories.

3.1.2. Participation at the festival lectures and the award ceremony. (The program can be found on the web site of the festival).

3.2. The number of photos presented to the contest is not limited. Every other photo after the third one costs 15 euros.

3.3. Requirements for the file:

3.3.1. The resolution of the photo should be at least 1920px on the longest side.

3.3.2. File format *JPEG.

3.3.3. Mode: RGB color mode (even black-and-white images)
Color Profile: sRGB or Adobe 1998 - Untagged space for color profiles is also acceptable.

3.4. The name of the entry is obligatory on the file.  The headline should be in English.


4.1. The jury consists of noted photographers from all over the world.

4.2. Jury’s approach to scoring the entries is based on the following qualities: creativity, performance, story-telling skill, technical skills, use of light, expressiveness, composition.

4.3. Contest entries are evaluated in a 100-point system.

4.4. The score given by all jury members will be summarized and divided by the number of the members (arithmetic mean).

4.5. Entries that get an average of 85 or more points at the festival, make it to the final evaluation.


100 - Supreme – Platinum award. A benchmark that exhibits the best possible use of all skills, creativity and uniqueness.

95-99 – Exceptional – Gold Distinction. Approaching the highest level of imagination, creativity and technique.

90-94 – Outstanding – Gold Award. Exhibiting outstanding skills in all areas and originality.

85-89 – Excellent – Silver Distinction. Excellent use of imagination, skill and technique.

80-84 - Above average – Silver Award. Above average skill and technique in most areas.

76-79 - Standard Practice – No award. Good salable work consistent with standard professional practice.

61-75 - Below Standard – No award. Requires improvement in technique.

60 – Below Professional - No award. Not up to professional standards.

 4.7. Awarding

4.7.1. Contest winners will be announced on Saturday, 1st April 2017.


5.1. All photographers can participate in the contest, except persons related to the organizers of the contest.

5.2. The depicted wedding should be from 2016. Images taken during workshops and settings are not allowed and shall be disqualified from the contest. Images taken before or after the wedding are not regarded as settings and are allowed.

5.3. Portrait photo must have been taken during years 2013 – 2016.

5.4. Organizers are entitled to use participating images at exhibitions, public events, in the gallery on the contest’s web page, in the contest collection and publish these in the media free of charge.

5.5. Participants shall be responsible for all the personal data and images submitted and have to confirm that they are the authors of the submitted entries and that the people on the photos have given their permission to use the images of them in the contest.

5.6. After the decision of the jury, it is possible to see all the submitted entries on the contest website.



6.1. A written agreement is issued with the winner of the contest, which regulates the mutual privileges and obligations of the winner and organizers.

6.2. The main winner of the contest is obligated to take part in (perform, sit in the jury etc) up to two events organized by Fotoakadeemia Inc.

6.3. When the main winner takes part in the above-mentioned events, the traveling expenses (transport and accommodation) are covered by the organizers when agreed so before.

6.4. In case of the winner not fulfilling the written agreement issued after the contest, the organizers impose a fine included in the written agreement.

6.5. In case the winner does not take part in the award ceremony, the organizers inform the winner about the new time and place where the award is given and the agreement issued.

6.6. In case the winner does not issue an agreement during the 30-day period after the results have been published, the winner loses the right get the award and the organizer does not have an obligation to give the award to the winner.



8.1. Please sign in at the contest website, and properly fill in all required data in the form.

8.2. Please upload all contest entries, and properly fill in all required data in the form.

8.3. Please pay the festival fee according to the submitted invoice.